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    Website Content Management System

    Contemporary features and a clean, modern design

    Multi-language, suitable for businesses of any size

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    Exceptionally easy to use

    Fast, responsive, touch-optimised

    Search engine friendly (very)

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Business Website Content Management System (CMS)

Site System™ is a responsive website CMS (content management system) that automatically adapts to suit the viewer's monitor, tablet or smartphone. It provides you with a bespoke-branded website shell, together with the means to add content in an attractive, contemporary and effective way without having to understand the complexities of HTML or CSS code. Or we can handle the content for you, from organising a photo-shoot to writing copy - we can even rebrand your business for you if you wish, drawing on decades of experience from when Sinclair Design was a Strategic Design Consultancy.

Site System was one of the first commercial CMS's aimed at the non-techie, way ahead of its time back at the turn of the century. Now in its fourth generation, it stays true to its founding ethos of visual and technical excellence. Although designed to work in harmony with our hospitality and motorsport management systems, it is just as suitable as a standalone website for any business in any commercial sector. Whether you need a hotel or restaurant website or a means to promote an engineering or beauty product, Site System and its range of associated services is ready to promote your business to the world.

Sinclair Design's Site System makes it easy for me to manage our five busy websites. The back-end is both intuitive and cutting edge. I am delighted, not only with our Site System websites, but also with the back-up that comes with them.

Alan Wood, Club Coordinator, BUCKMORE PARK

Site System Screen Shots (click or tap to view)

Summary of Site System features:

  • Easy to use – many CMS's claim it; few achieve it. Site System strikes the ideal balance between features, scalability and operational simplicity. Yet even the highest user-level (administrator) does not need to be a coder or designer to create a truly great website, for at its core and behind the scenes, Site System 4 leverages the power of the highly respected Concrete5 MVC engine, allowing on-the-page, real-time editing like no other CMS.
  • Responsive – the system is touch-optimised and adapts itself to suit any size of device, from hi-res monitor to smartphone (try it now by changing the size of your browser window). Responsive Website Design (RWD) is a relatively new concept that even Concrete5 struggles to cope with, but we have the necessary skills to take a great engine and turn it into a magnificent CMS that produces fully responsive pages constructed with valid and semantic HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Contemporary Features – features such as responsive image galleries, responsive sliders, accordions, tabbed sections, modals and user-configurable responsive images have, up to now, been largely the province of dedicated website developers who hand-code web pages to order. Site System 4 puts all this and more at your disposal through a series of exceptionally easy to use management tools that even a child can operate. See the side menu for links to pages of examples of Site System's contemporary features, or explore this website further as it has been built using Site System.
  • Contemporary Design – one-page websites, parallax backgrounds and 'flat' design (not to be confused with minimalism) are all examples of passing fads in website design, but when a fad becomes a trend, a website can soon look outdated if it doesn't follow suit. Site System 4 represents everything that is 'current' about website design and draws on our natural leaning towards design minimalism and professional elegance - currently a trend, as it happens.
  • Search Engine Friendly – a great looking website is useless if no one knows it's there, so Site System has been designed to help your pages get noticed by search engines. From the basics such as control of header and meta tags, to the technicalities of valid code and a fast platform, through to the niceties of human readable URLs (addresses), social links and an XML site map, you have all the tools necessary to maximise your search engine rankings. Furthermore, we offer an effective and competitively priced SEO and social networking service if you'd rather leave such things to us.
  • Fast and Secure – Sinclair Design has always run its own private cloud of servers for its mission-critical business management systems, and this same platform delivers Site System to the world speedily and securely. Combine this platform with the Concrete5 engine's superb caching systems at both image and page levels (serving differently sized images according to the viewer's device size), then add Sinclair Design's quest for coding efficiency and technical excellence, and the result is very fast, even for sites with more large pictures than might normally be wise.
  • Interested? – Call 01490 450369 during working hours, or complete and submit the form on the left.

Where do you start when you want a new website? We talked with Roy at Sinclair Design about our business, the services we provide and what we thought the website should be able to do for us. In just a few days, our Site System website started to take shape. To us, this is all complicated stuff, but we are easily able to change things on the site and we know that someone is at the end of the phone and happy to help should we need advice.



Yes, with regards to specific colours, graphics and fonts, but the complex responsive behaviours and code validity requirements of Site System require that the underlying page template structures remain as they are, as used on this and other Site System websites. The top menu bar can be fixed or floating (as on this website), and can shrink in size as the user scrolls (as on this website), but this will have a bearing on the number of menu choices offered and the length of the menu terms used i.e. keep the top menu concise and we can style it to look good on all devices – have too many choices and we will have to style it as a large, fixed element.

The set-up and standard annual licence fees cover 'reasonable' telephone or email support during UK working hours, but we expect you to read the user manual provided in the first instance. The idea of a Content Management System (CMS) is that we create the personalised/branded website shell and you populate it (fill it) with your content (text and pictures). Whilst we are happy to help with specific presentation problems, our fees do not include building your entire website for you unless you contract us to do so as a specific service.

These are examples of the sort of issues we are happy to help with as part of the annual licence fee:

"Should I use an accordion, tabs or modals to display our services on this page?"

"I'm not sure how long the title should be on this page."

"Is it better to use small or large pictures on this page?"

"Why is there a big gap next to the picture of our reception?"

"I can't get the slider to show my text properly before it moves on to the next slide!" 

Issues such as the first three above usually have no 'one size fits all' answer but depend on the specific circumstances of the website and page in question. Factors such as overall page size and the likely effect on SEO are things that we have a good grasp of, so we are happy to help with such things to get you started.

If we get time, we will also review your website from time to time (especially during the initial build up) and might make reasoned recommendations for changes. After all, we want you to get the best from our products and we are here to help you achieve it. 

You can access the admin area of your website whenever and wherever you like - all you need is your username, password and internet access. Once you are logged in, and provided you are the administrator or have been given the necessary permissions by your designated administrator, you can make whatever changes you like to whatever pages you like. Depending on your assigned permissions, you can then either save your changes pending admin approval, or action your changes immediately. Thus, if you suddenly have to withdraw a product whilst on holiday in Portugal, find yourself an internet cafe and disable the relevant page on your website. Failing that, give us a call and we'll do it for you.