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    Cloud-based conference centre PMS

    No servers or special equipment needed

    Ideal for small and medium sized operators

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    Accessible anywhere on the internet

    Optimised for use on iPads and tablets

    Beautifully intuitive interfaces

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    Instantly generate PDF documents

    e.g. confirmations, registrations, invoices

    Save management time and effort

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Cloud-Based Conference Centre Management Software

Conference System™ is an exceptionally user-friendly, cloud-based conference centre PMS (Property Management System) and CRS (Central Reservation System) with a unit-based pricing model and highly intuitive interfaces. It is equally suitable for small or large operators with multiple sites in different time zones. Being web based, Conference System can launch and manage full-scale CRM and email marketing campaigns without any third-party tie-ups. Operators can run loyalty schemes and manage sub-bookings, as well as all aspects of the associated finances, sending documentation direct to customers via email.

Here at Buckmore, we pride ourselves on being able to provide the best in karting experiences for all age groups, be that with corporate events for some of the biggest companies in the UK, or young, aspiring F1 drivers. At a time when we were looking for a more innovative method of managing our business, Sinclair Design was able to direct our business model and branding, bringing together inspirational design and technical excellence.


Conference System Screen Shots (click or tap to view)

Summary of conference centre management system features:

  • Sixteen years of development — Conference System™ is derived from Hotel System™, in use since 2002. What started out as a way of managing a few hotel function rooms, has grown into a powerful standalone management system suitable for multiple conference centres in different time zones.
  • Beautifully intuitive interfaces — The system’s interfaces have been designed to look good and be used intuitively, reducing or even removing training requirements for day-to-day users. Consistent design metaphors and logical colouring have been expertly used to increase productivity.
  • Accessible from anywhere in the world — Being cloud-based, any number of users can concurrently access the system from any PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection and modern browser. The security technologies employed are similar to those used for internet banking.
  • No special equipment needed — Conference System requires nothing more than a basic, internet enabled computer and is not susceptible to malicious software residing on your office network. We take care of the specialist hardware which is housed in state-of-the-art datacentres in Europe.
  • Comprehensive financial management sub-systems — Conference System accounts for and reports on takings, turnover and various account balances. Confirmation notes, invoices and statements can be generated (with a logo) as printable web pages or PDF files which can be emailed direct.
  • Automated charge calculation — Individual resource hire rates can be set for weekdays and weekends in peak and off-peak months, with catering charges calculated per head. Alternatively, a range of delegate rates can be preset for selection at the time of booking (all rates can be overridden).
  • Manage break-out rooms — Any number of rooms can be grouped together under one booking whereby the status of all can be changed in one click, and all transactions appear on each allocation.
  • Manage rooms or spaces that can be divided up — ‘child’ rooms or spaces can be configured as being dependant upon ‘parent’ resources, giving warnings if you try to make multiple bookings that clash.
  • Manage room sub-bookings — Create and manage sub-bookings for in-house events such as seminars. Track individual charges and payments, and generate personalised receipts in a single click.
  • Configurable aide memoir — Swiftly record a booker’s requirements for table layout, refreshments, entertainment and room resources (floating resource management functionality coming soon).
  • Loyalty points — Automatically issue and track loyalty points for redemption according to flexible configuration options.
  • Restaurant management — Manage table bookings and post the charges to customer folios if required. Waiters can take food and beverage orders and manage table bookings, all from a unique iPhone or iPod Touch web app. Kitchen or bar staff can view and progress orders from an iPad or PC, allowing the paperless restaurant to become a reality for a fraction of the cost of standalone systems.
  • Customer Relationship Management module — Record and manage your company's interactions with current and prospective clients, ensuring that every sales lead is tracked and followed up.
  • Mailing list and email marketing module — Legitimately send personalised plain or HTML emails to tightly targeted groups of guests/clients, avoiding junk folders and maximising delivery (subject to messages conforming to certain rules, and your mailing list being legally obtained, clean and current).
  • Manage your spaces from an iPhone or iPod Touch — A special web app offers essential system functionality via your iPhone, iPod Touch or smartphones (viewable on smartphones with a WebKit browser engine e.g. Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android, Nokia’s Symbian S60, Palm’s WebOS etc.).
  • Continual development and improvement — We develop and improve the system without access to your PC network. Changes are instantly seen by all system users without the need to install updates.

Although you hear the phrase a lot, we've found that you don't often find a supplier who actually works in partnership with you. Sinclair Design definitely fit that bill and we are looking forward to continuing that partnership into the future.